1958 Magnette ZB Varitone

1958 Magnette ZB Varitone


The MG Magnette is an automobile that was produced by MG between 1953 and 1968. The Magnette was manufactured in two build series, the ZA and ZB of 1953 through to 1958 and the Mark III and Mark IV of 1959 through to 1968, both using a modified Wolseley body and an Austin engine.

Driven 31,173 miles
Manual transmission
Exterior colour: Red

Interior colour: Red
Fuel type:

Excellent condition

The owner has owned the car for 5 years now and they attend many shows locally and around the UK!

It's a very reliable car and always starts first time. It is used for the occasion commute to work to keep it exercised..

The vehicle has fibreglass front wings (so no rust traps !)

Has undergone a total restoration and respray

Many new parts and upgrades

Electric screen wash, LED headlamps, 5 speed Sierra gearbox, 4:3 diff. Spin on oil filter upgrade

Radial tyres in very good condition

Drives well and keeps up with motorway traffic

Chrome in reasonable condition for a 60-year-old car

Carpets are reasonable but would benefit from smartening up.

The corner of front bumper faces forward just slightly

Runs on unleaded with an additive.

Owner is selling in order to purchase another project!

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