Frequently Asked Questions


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Listing with us is completely free and you’ll receive 100% of the selling price.

We pride ourselves on our broad selection of vehicles from classic vintage motors to luxury collectables. So, whether it’s the age, design, engineering or brand that makes your car unique, we can help find you the right buyer.

Whilst we can’t guarantee that every car will be consigned, we can guarantee that we will consider every offering fairly and in detail.

Absolutely! If you would like to discuss a consignment with no obligation, please get in touch with us and we’d be happy to talk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

The first stage of consigning an auction lot is to complete our online form. We will then contact you to find out a bit more information and, once we’ve agreed to consign your vehicle, we’ll work with you to craft an enticing, detailed and bespoke listing.

One of the many reasons people choose to sell with us is that we provide thorough and accurate listings which really are ‘sold as seen’. The more detail, the better, including age, history, condition and appearance.

We share every listing with the seller before it goes live and require approval from the seller of its accuracy.

You can set a reserve, and we will work with you to agree a realistic value in advance. The reserve can be reduced, increased or withdrawn by contacting us and requires a mutual consent to adjust during the process.

Each listing has a comments section, where potential buyers can post questions during the auction. We recommend sellers keep a close eye on their listing during the 7-day auction and respond as quickly as possible.

If you feel a negative or inaccurate comment has slipped through our moderation process, please do let us know.

Many buyers are happy to purchase a lot unseen, however we do ask sellers to make their cars available for viewings where possible.

In the case of a viewing, buyers and sellers must not engage in any activity that could lead to the purchase of a vehicle outside of Fine Car Company. In such a case, the seller would be liable for the fees that would have been paid by the buyer, based on the last reserve agreed or our minimum charge.

No. Neither you, nor a friend, relative or associate can bid on your lot.

Please note that should we believe this has taken place, you will be in breach of the terms and conditions and will be liable for all costs incurred by Fine Car Company. If you engage in ‘bidding up’, we will give the buyer the option to withdraw from the sale at no cost, and you will be responsible for covering all costs. You will not be able to use our platform again and may face fraudulent or other criminal charges. You will be liable for all legal costs of Fine Car Company to represent against you.

You cannot withdraw your lot once submitted and the auction has gone live. If you do decide to withdraw at this stage, you will be liable for the fees owed to Fine Car Company, in accordance with our terms and conditions.

If your car sells at auction, the buyer will be charged a 6% fee inc vat of the sale value payable to Fine Car Company. Once the monies are received, we will introduce the buyer and seller to complete the transaction directly.

If the reserve price is not met at the end of the auction, we will contact the seller with the highest bid. The seller will then have a 24-hour window to accept or reject this offer. Fine Car Company will monitor your listing through the auction period and contact you to discuss adjusting the reserve price if the traction is not as high as we’d hoped for your listing.

If an auction doesn’t meet the reserve, we will remove the listing from our website, although it may still be accessible through Google searches. If a car is sold, we move the listing to our ‘Sold’ section, removing only the unsuccessful bids and comments.

Whilst we conduct our verification process, Fine Car Company will not be liable to the seller or buyer for the contents of the listing.