1990 BMW E30 1.6


1990 BMW E30 1.6i

BMW had secured a premium brand tag by the time the E30 was launched in the early 80s. Few luxury cars of the era could match the 3-series when it came to overall value, so much was packed into this relatively small package. It was by no stretch of the imagination the most affordable car on the market, but it offered so much more than the rivals could at this price point, fit and finish were unrivalled, performance was exemplary, and all the materials they used were of the highest quality, so it resonated with the young professionals (Yuppie’s) of the 80s.
Its boxy wedge design was an overarching theme throughout the automotive industry in the 80s and early 90s

The E30 is an accessible classic saloon car that can be driven daily, or just shown off when you feel like it!

It’s being sold because it’s not driven and the space is needed, however it starts and drives perfectly well.

This very well presented and maintained both inside and out low mileage model could be yours:

1596 cc Petrol.


Only 73,000 miles


Deep dish alloy wheels

Nearly new tyres.

3 Lady owners from new.

I Key.



New rear and front BMW badges have been purchased but are in the boot, as well as a new rear window handle which needs to be replaced.

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