1949 Pontiac Silver Streak

1949 Pontiac Silver Streak


Discover the Timeless Elegance of 1949 Pontiac Silver Streak

This classic car, crafted to perfection for the 1949 model year, exudes a magnetic charm that captivates hearts and stands as a testament to the golden era of motoring design. The Silver Streak's appeal lies in its artful craftsmanship, stunning details, and the promise of a thrilling drive.

A Legacy Rekindled in the UK:

The 1949 Pontiac Silver Streak's remarkable journey in the UK began back in October 2009 when it was first registered in the United Kingdom. Since then, it has graced the roads with its vintage allure, captivating hearts and turning heads at every corner. With its rich history and enduring elegance, this iconic classic Art Deco car continues to inspire admiration and awe, embodying the essence of automotive artistry. As it weaves through time, the Silver Streak carries with it a story of legacy, a story that now invites you to become a part of its enduring narrative. Own a piece of history and relish in the timeless charm of the 1949 Pontiac Silver Streak - a testament to the past, embraced by the present, and cherished for the future.

A Timeless Gem in Need of Tender Care:

This 1949 Pontiac Silver Streak retains its enduring spirit and allure. Resting under the starry night, it still starts without a hitch, a testament to its sturdy construction and engineering brilliance. However, like any masterpiece of its vintage, it calls for a touch of restoration to bring back its full glory. A general tidy up is all that's needed to revive its exquisite charm, ensuring it shines like the day it left the assembly line. There is a part of the roof lining that is sagging, but once given the attention it deserves, will be back to good condition. With a little tender care, the brakes, which also require some attention, will be expertly adjusted, allowing for smooth and safe drives along winding paths. Embrace the joy of restoration and witness this classic gem blossom anew, ready to embark on countless new adventures while still paying homage to its illustrious past. With your love and dedication, the 1949 Pontiac Silver Streak will reclaim its position as a captivating symbol of timeless elegance and a testament to the golden era of motoring.

**A Treasure Trove of History and Character:**

As you step closer to the 1949 Pontiac Streamliner Silver Streak, you'll notice the detachable visor that adds a touch of vintage charm. While this accessory enhances the car's allure, it's essential to mention that it slightly obscures the panoramic view, allowing you to take in the road ahead with a hint of nostalgia. The chrome trim, though showing signs of age with light pitting, still gleams with a magnetic presence, evoking the timeless elegance of a bygone era.

Delve into the captivating past with the original 1949 workshop manual, a treasure that reveals the secrets of this automotive marvel. As you step inside, admire the well-preserved roof lining, with only a six-inch tear above the rear screen that yearns for some gentle attention to restore its perfection. This charming classic comes with a generous collection of numerous spares, a testament to its enduring legacy and the dedication of its previous owners.

Glimpse the rare beauty of the 4-doors version, an exceptional find in the United Kingdom, and admire the clear main windows, free from scratches, that allow natural light to flood the immaculate interior. Though showcasing original upholstery in remarkably good condition, the passenger side window winder awaits a loving touch to complete its ensemble.

As you prepare to embark on new adventures with the 1949 Pontiac Streamliner Silver Streak, it's worth noting that the fuel gauge, while captivatingly vintage, plays a whimsical game, forever showing a full tank. Keep your spirit high as you explore with a heart full of wonder and trust in your intuition to gauge the fuel levels.

While the carpet holds a fragment of history, not being original and showing signs of wear, it beckons for a fresh start with new ones, breathing new life into the cabin. Embrace the joy of rejuvenation as you embrace the past and the future, united in a symphony of heritage and possibility.

As you embark on this journey, cherish the 1949 Pontiac Streamliner Silver Streak for the treasure trove of history and character it carries, and let your heart guide you towards many memorable moments that lie ahead.

Unveiling the Graceful Features:

- Wraparound Windshield: A panoramic view of the road ahead awaits, framed by the Silver Streak's elegant wraparound windshield. Engage in unforgettable journeys as you witness the world through a captivating lens.

- Chrome "Silver Streak" Trim Piece: The gleaming chrome trim, tracing a graceful line from the grille to the engine cover, adds a touch of opulence to the Silver Streak's already captivating exterior.

- Straight 8 Engine, 150 Horsepower: Beneath its sleek bonnet lies a powerful heart - the Straight 8, 3.9L petrol engine. Roaring to life with 150 horsepower, it delivers exhilarating acceleration and the thrill of passing with ease.

Well-Made and Built to Last: Crafted with precision and utmost care, the Silver Streak is a timeless treasure built to withstand the tests of time, showcasing Pontiac's commitment to quality.

The Ultimate Joyride:

Unleash your inner adventurer and embark on a journey that blends the elegance of the past with the thrill of the present. The 1949 Pontiac Silver Streak boasts the distinction of being the first Pontiac to feature the iconic "Silver Streak" name, becoming an emblem of sophistication and power. Its automatic transmission further elevates the driving experience, allowing for a seamless ride.

Take Center Stage: Embrace the spotlight as one of the privileged few to own this rarity - supposedly there are only 10 in the entire United Kingdom! Of those 10, according to official figures, there are only 7 left on the road as the others are now SORN. Revel in the envious glances and admiring gazes, knowing you're behind the wheel of a true automotive legend.

Join the Elite: Become a part of an exclusive community of collectors who cherish the allure of classic cars. Own a piece of history, a symbol of grace, style, and power.

Unmatched Legacy: With over 70,000 Silver Streaks produced in 1949, this car secured Pontiac's reputation as a masterful creator of stylish and commanding vehicles, a legacy that lives on to this day.

Seize the Opportunity:

In a world where beauty fades, the 1949 Pontiac Silver Streak remains a timeless masterpiece. Experience the elegance, power, and exclusivity of a bygone era - a piece of history that can be yours to cherish.

Take the Wheel: Let the 1949 Pontiac Silver Streak transport you to a world of refined taste and unbridled excitement. Own the past, and create unforgettable moments as you drive towards a future full of memories.

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